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Gabrielle's Book Club

On what would have been Gabrielle’s 11th birthday, we are excited to announce the launch of Gabrielle’s Bookclub!


 Our goal is to connect children with the physical Gabrielle’s Wings’ collections while most of us shelter at home.


Gabrielle’s Bookclub is designed to engage elementary school-aged children in reading and sharing their thoughts on books from their carefully curated selection of books at Gabrielle’s Corners around the world. Guided by educational and library science professionals, each quarter the organization will share a new book focused on diversity, inclusion, and youth empowerment.


The first book was Amazing Grace By Mary Hoffman. Amazing Grace is part of the "Gabrielle's Corner" collection in New York and was one of Gabrielle’s FAVORITE books.

Our current book is Penny and the Magic Puffballs by Alonda Williams. This book is close to my heart because it was one of Gabrielle's favorites. It is also one of the selections featured in the New Rochelle, New York, "Gabrielle's Corner," a library collection of books focused on diversity, inclusion and kindness.


Penny and the Magic Puffballs is inspired by a bedtime story the author used to tell her daughter to help her understand that although her hair was different from many of her classmates, it was just as “magical.” It’s a story that celebrates diversity and what makes us each unique and special.


We would love for siblings to read to younger siblings or for parents/guardians and children to share these books together. We look forward to hearing what you think! 


To join Gabrielle's Bookclub and get more details on this exciting new project, please complete the following form.

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Thanks and happy reading!