The Gabrielle’s Wings Fund currently resides in the auspices of the Westchester Community Foundation, a division of The New York Community Trust. The Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public charity, and your gift is tax-deductible. Grants from this unrestricted donor-advised fund are recommended by the Founder of Gabrielle's Wings and its Board of Directors. 


The mission of this Fund is to encourage children of vulnerable communities by providing scholarships, offering educational support and creating cultural exposure. We hope that Gabrielle’s legacy will enable children to aspire to dreams beyond their immediate horizons and that her “wings” will enable them to soar.


If you would like to contribute to Gabrielle's Wings, please make your check payable to Community Funds, Inc., and write “Gabrielle’s Wings” in the memo line. Mail to:

JP Morgan Chase – Lockbox Processing

Attn: Community Funds Inc. and 22472

4 Chase Metrotech Center

7th Floor East

Brooklyn, New York 11245

If you would prefer to use your credit card, go to and click on the red Give Online button in the upper right-hand corner. Remember to add the name of the fund: Gabrielle’s Wings.


Thank you for your love and support!