Gabrielle's Wings Projects

In honor of Gabrielle’s legacy, The Hord Foundation created Gabrielle’s Wings.

The mission is to encourage children of underserved communities by providing scholarships and offering educational support and cultural exposure. We hope that Gabrielle’s legacy will enable children to aspire to dreams beyond their immediate horizons and that her  “wings” will enable them to soar.


Cape Town, South Africa

“Gabrielle’s Corner” was launched in 2018 as a new Learning Resource Center at Cape Gateway International Church, which includes an Internet Café that will help provide iPads, computers, and curriculum for children in the community. 


San Pedro, Belize

""Gabrielle's Corner" was launched in San Pedro, Belize, in 2018 at Sagebrush Church. Approximately 90 missionaries donated books for this area of the library, which includes books to empower and encourage children of color.


Gabrielle's Playground

In May 2018, Gabrielle’s wings broke ground on a $250,000 new playground project in Gabrielle’s honor at the William B. Ward elementary school in New Rochelle, New York. Many of the touches on the new playground celebrate art, performance, and music.

“Gabrielle’s Corner” at Huguenot Children’s Library

A dedication of “Gabrielle’s Corner” was held on August 16, 2018, at the Huguenot Children’s Library, located in front of New Rochelle High School. The lovely reading nook and specialized collection of books is a gift made in memory of Gabrielle White, who was suddenly granted her “angel wings” in June of 2017.

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STEM Camp Scholarships

Grace Freedom Summer, sponsored by the Grace Baptist church of Mount Vernon, New York and the Ujamaa CDC enrolled 75 scholars in a six-week Reading and Cultural Enrichment program.

Additionally, forty scholars in grades 3 – 7 participated in a two-week STEM Camp with our collaborative partners at the Northeast STEM Starter Academy.


Gabrielle's Kitchen
Girl Scouts

A $10,000 donation was made to Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson in memory of Gabrielle to renovate the New Rochelle Girl Scout House and "to ensure that all Girl Scouts have access to the resources they need to embrace their leadership potential." 

Gabrielle spent many cherished hours at this Girl Scout house spreading her light and inspiration to those around her. 

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